Janine operates from her own studio in Hamburg, Germany. Every piece is highly quality hand-crafted, using responsibly sourced materials and recycled gold only.

    “When I first entered the goldsmithing department, it had happened to me: all the fine tools, the old benches, the smell of oil and metal.
    Today I sit at my own bench with gold dust on my hands. To move into the microcosm of jewellery means freedom to me, working with my hands is pure happiness. My fascination for gold as a material is growing, and I imagine how often the shape of gold has been changed again and again through the millennia and through the hands of the craftsmen, goldsmiths and artists. A beautiful idea, as if people remain the same, only the ornaments change.”

    Born and grew up in Northern Germany
    1994 – 1998 Studies jewellery design at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Maastricht, Netherlands, Bachelor’s degree
    2004 – 2006 Studies at the Royal College of Art, London, UK, Master of Arts degree
    2007 guest lecturer for jewellery design at the BNU, Lahore, Pakistan
    2008 Foundation of the goldsmith course workshop Atelier Oelkersallee – Raum für Schmuckgestaltung in Hamburg
    since 2009 self-employed with own workshop & Showroom in Hamburg

    Since 2006, participation in exhibitions at home and abroad
    2005 Swarovski Anniversary Award, V & A Museum London, UK
    2012 preview Bronze Design Award for the Collection Candybirds & Bees, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg